Chiropractic Manipulation

Have You Been Struggling With Neck Pain Or Back Pain?

Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic literally means “done by hand” and is a manual technique designed to restore optimal function to the joints of the body.  Joints can become restricted with limited movement and stability.  An adjustment or manipulation is the act of placing a gentle force through a restricted joint to restore normal motion and function to that joint. An adjustment creates a vacuum within the joint causing some of the dissolved gasses in the synovial fluid to come out of solution and form a gas bubble. This creates the audible “cracking” or popping sound typically heard with the release of the joint or an adjustment.

Our providers are more conservative with the chiropractic manipulation compared to other chiropractors. Although most treatments may involve joint releases from mobilization via the ART protocols’ movements, our use of moderate-high force chiropractic adjustments are 30% compared to other chiropractors.  Due to the effectiveness of the ART treatment in resolving joint restrictions caused by soft tissue adhesions, we limit the risk of chiropractic manipulations by utilizing them only when medically necessary.

If a patient is hesitant to receive a chiropractic manipulation for any reason please communicate this to the provider and we will comply with their preference.

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