September 2022

IT Band Syndrome


The Iliotibial band is a tendinous band of connective tissue that runs from the pelvic bones to the shin along that lateral portion of the leg.  More commonly known as the IT Band, its purpose is to act as a complex with the gluteal muscles and tensor fascia lata (TFL) to stabilize motion of the hip.  It also assists in postural control at the hip and acts as a secondary stabilizer of the knee joint.


The IT Band will contract to stabilize the hip and knee in most athletic motions.  When full stability of the knee or hip is compromised the IT band can be overused to help stabilize the knee.  Due to the tendinous nature of the IT Band, overuse can cause loss of elasticity and symptoms may arise.  Those with active lifestyles are more prone to suffering from IT Band syndrome.




·      Lateral hip, leg and/or knee pain (most common at the knee)

·      Popping or clicking of the knee especially with flexion

·      Pain when walking/running downhill or moving down staircases

·      Pain increases with increased intensity of activity



Common causes:


·      High volume running and/or biking

·      Hiking and skiing

·      Weakness of the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus or tensor fascia lata muscles

·      Structural or arthritic change of the hip or knee  


Active Performance Chiropractic's doctors use movement based analysis to diagnose a case of IT band syndrome.  Treatment may include Active Release Techniques manual therapy to improve the health and quality of the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved, rehabilitative exercises to strengthen and stabilize the joints and mobilization/manipulation of the effected joint complex.  Each treatment is tailored to an individual’s unique presentation, load variables and goals following treatment.



Active Performance Chiropractic focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries. Treatment is a unique blend of Active Release Techniques®, traditional chiropractic therapy, and physical rehabilitation designed to match each patient’s goals and lifestyle.