May 2022

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis 


De Quervain’s is a syndrome in which tendons in the wrist become inflamed.  This syndrome is approximately 10 times more likely to effect women.  The condition will present with pain at the base of the thumb, wrist and possibly into the forearm.  The muscle tendons are surrounded by sheath-like coatings, which become enflamed.  When this occurs, pressure is placed on the surrounding nerves causing pain and/or numbness.


The most common causes of De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis are as follow:


·      Jobs and Hobbies involving repetitive use of the hands and wrists 

ex. Lifting children, racket/club sports, hammer/power tool use

·      Traumatic injury to the wrist causing inflammation in the region

·      Hormonal changes such as those that occur during pregnancy

·      Inflammatory arthritic conditions


Symptoms of the condition


·      Pain and/or numbness in the thumb, wrist and forearm (typically worse with use)

·      Snapping or popping sensation in the wrist and thumb

·      Difficulty with gripping and pinching motions (in more severe cases)

·      Swelling of the wrist


Treatment of this condition may involve a wrist splint to prevent excessive motion, anti-inflammatory medications and treatment of the surrounding soft tissue structures.  Utilization of Active Release Therapy to break down scar tissue that accumulated in muscles  tendons and ligaments in the area can create more space for the tendons to move throughout the wrist.  Most cases respond well to this form of treatment.  Some severe cases may require surgery to relieve symptoms.  In this case, the surgeon will make a small incision into the tendon sheath, which allows the tendon to move more freely.


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