June 2019 Newsletter

Athletic Significance of Proper Hydration



            • 75% of muscle tissue is water
            • Maintain blood plasma volume
            • Maintain cardiac output
            • Optimum nutrient delivery and waste removal
            • Maintain performance levels
            • Essential for temperature regulation

      Symptoms of Dehydration               Consequences of Dehydration

                    Fatigue/Decreased work capacity                    Decreased maximal strength
                    Increased heart rate                                           Decreased aerobic endurance
                    Increased body temperature                            Decreased cardiac output
                    Loss of coordination                                            Decreased recovery from exercise
                    Cramping                                                              Decreased plasma volume
                    *Exercise blunts thirst response                       Increased body temperature


  Factors Affecting Rate of Water Loss        Individual Water Requirements


                        Hot weather                                                              Initial level of hydration

                        High humidity                                                           Body size

                        Intensity of exercise                                                Climate

                        Duration of exercise                                                 Individual sweating rate

                        Alcohol/caffeine consumption


Factors Affecting Rate of Hydration


  • Pre-training hydration status – adequately hydrated athletes are rehydrated faster
  • Water temperature – cold fluids are absorbed faster
  • Volume – moderate amounts are absorbed better
  • Concentration – sports drinks over 8% CHO concentration delay absorption


     Minimal Daily Water Intake                    Monitoring Hydration


Bodyweight (lbs)

Water (oz)

120 – 140 

64 – 80

150 – 170

102 – 118

180 – 200

138 – 154

210 – 230

170 – 186

240 – 260

204 – 220

     Color of urine (clear-light yellow)

     Frequency of urination (1-2 hrs)

     Pre & post work-out body weight changes

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