April 2022


By Dr Cal Lisman


            Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that causes pain in the ball of the foot.  The soft tissue surrounding the median plantar nerve in the foot becomes entrapped causing increased tension along the remaining length of the nerve and it's branches.   The increased tension causes increased irritation and friction typically between the third and fourth toes.  If left untreated this can cause localized sharp pain when weight baring and even throbbing pain when not weight baring.  Patients will describe the pain for a mild case as being similar to having a small object like a pebble in their shoe and constantly stepping on it. 

Causes of Morton’s Neuroma are due to sustained foot positions and repetitive overuse; commonly seen in athletes that run excessively. Distance runners, soccer and basketball athletes are susceptible to the condition.  Other causes include wearing minimalist footwear routinely with moderate durations of standing and walking.  Things such as high heels, ski boots and rock climbing shoes with very tight fits can trigger a Morton’s Neuroma to form.

Common symptoms include:

·      Sensation of constantly stepping on an object

·      Pain or burning at the ball of the foot 

·      Numbness or tingling in the foot or toes

A Morton’s Neuroma can be diagnosed through simple tests that are performed in office.  Once diagnosed, there are conservative treatments for this condition.  Active Release Techniques can release the entrapped nerve, breaking down scar tissue surrounding the inflamed nerve in the foot.  By breaking down scar tissue in the area, assessing the mechanics and load factors, a Morton’s Neuroma can typically be managed with conservative measures.  In advanced cases where the nerve has thickened considerably, steroid injections or surgical intervention may be required.

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