July 2020

Hip Labral Tears


The labrum of the hip joint is a ring of cartilage that helps protect the joint by deepening the socket allowing a greater range of motion without sacrificing stability.

Causes of hip labrum tears:
·      Acute trauma
    o   Sports injury, fall, auto accident
·      Repetitive motions
    o   Long-term repetitive use
·      Structural
    o   Shape of the hip joint
·      Congenital
    o   Hip dysplasia
·      Degenerative
    o   Osteoarthritis of the hip joint
·      Groin, thigh, buttock pain
·      Clicking/popping in the hip joint
·      Reduced range of motion
·      Chronic hip “tightness”
·      Feeling of weakness/instability in hip
·      Orthopedic exam
·      MRI of the hip with contrast medium

Treatment depends on several factors including age, severity of symptoms, goals, and location/size of the labrum tear.  Some labrum tears can be managed with conservative care, while others will require surgery. 

·      Acute:

o   Rest, ice, NSAIDs to control inflammation and reduce pain

·      Chronic:

o   Rehabilitation to strengthen muscles around the hip joint

·      Surgery:

o   Arthroscopic surgery

o   Recovery: 6-12 weeks including post-surgical rehabilitation


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