February 2021 Newsletter


Knee Plica Syndrome


Plica are synovial membranes that separate the knee joint into compartments during fetal development.  Problems arise when the plica fail to diminish in size and cause irritation to the knee joint later in life.  A plica on the medial (inside) of the knee is most prone to injury/irritation due to repetitive movements such as running and may be commonly misdiagnosed as a meniscus tear or patellar tendonitis.
Diagnosis of Plica Syndrome:
·      Orthopedic exam
·      MRI
·      Incidental finding during arthroscopic surgery

Treatment of Plica Syndrome:

·      Acute:

o   Rest, ice, NSAIDs

o   Cortisone injection

·      Chronic, Non-surgical:

o   Resolve soft tissue dysfunctions:

§  ART

§  Foam rolling

o   Rehabilitation

§  2-3 sets of 10-15 reps/daily

§  Quadriceps/hamstring strengthening exercises


Straight Leg Lift



Hip Lift

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