December 2020 Newsletter

Hamstring Injuries 

    The hamstrings are a large, powerful muscle group made up of three muscles. Their primary function is to provide movement and stability of both the hip and knee joints. They are active in all lower body movements and the chronic work demands can lead to repetitive overuse injuries. 


Causes of overuse hamstring injury:
  • Repetitive overuse leading to scar tissue adhesions within or between the muscles
  • Lower extremity  strength imbalance overloading the hamstrings
  • Sciatic nerve entrapment at the piriformis leading to a protective shortening of the hamstrings
  • Low back/core instability leading to a protective tension

Treatment of hamstring injuries:

  • Acute:
    • Rest, ice, NSAIDs to control inflammation and reduce pain
  • Chronic:
    • Identify the primary cause
    • Address the soft tissue dysfunctions:
      • ART
      • Foam rolling
    • Strengthen with the Hip Lift exercise, 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions once a day

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